For the past thirty years our practice has devoted itself almost exclusively to custom residential work, and has come to be recognized for the high quality of its work. We have come to find this aspect of our practice, working personally with our clients to give shape to their visions of a home, the most gratifying and rewarding. Our projects have typically covered a diverse range of designs from traditional to contemporary, from small to large, providing, along with other consultants, a comprehensive service from inception to completion including landscaping and interiors. In all cases, our emphasis has been to infuse each project with qualities that would enhance the life of its residents. Our approach to design begins with a search for the spirit of a place (the site and its location), and a house that befits that context and setting, and blends effortlessly into its surroundings, be that natural or man made. The house design then revolves around client requirements and always aims at providing an individual solution evocative of a particular lifestyle. We believe that each design should be imbued with romance and be its own. To that effect each project is intricately detailed and crafted, with equal attention to its exterior and interior, as well as its landscaping, to enhance its imagery. In this way each completed building does two things: It responds to the needs of the client to bring together dreams and function, while at the same time stays to enhance its setting.